Why does Dr. tumblingdoe look super embarrassed to have been caught doing Thriller?

I’m coming for you


A screenshot of the LIFETIME earnings of our two most viewed videos. 830,000+ views for < $80.


mrcandlemaker asked:

I had the thought today that you or Stefan should host a new youtube series about small-scale car maintenance and repair. I mean, if you have the time of course. On another note, there are about 10,000 Corvettes in my town right now. It's kind of surreal. (I hope I've not offended you, a devout Camaro-thlic. I'm not too up on cars, haha.) Anyway, I hope your day goes well! Send my love to the Corgi.


No offense at all! I actually really like the newer Corvettes (the 2014 Stingray is REALLY good). They’re just all a little out of my price range and even more impractical (if that’s possible) for Montana winters than the Camaro. 

2014 Stingray WOW

But, I feel as though the 5th Gen Camaros (Transformers design) are an important part of the car’s history and I have a real soft spot for them. I grew up with muscle cars and I’ve always loved the muscle car “look”. I put the Corvette is more of a “super car”, albeit on the lower end of the price and quality scale compared to Ferraris, Maseratis, Porsches, and Lamborghinis. But I find the muscle car look to suit me more than the super car look. 

I would love to do something with cars on YouTube but I’m in the midst of getting my film history series done as well as some perks for Sexplanations. Plus there are always new things churning at Ecogeek that I’m involved with. 

Stefan and I have talked about this from time to time and we’d both like to do something like that. Stefan is really good at bizarre humor and I’m… well, I’m sure I’m good at something useful. 

My friend Stefan’s EPIC ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Cars: Buying Vs Leasing


Hey! I (Mike) was recently talking to a friend, and she is trying to figure out whether to buy or lease a car. She lives in LA and is relatively low income, so cost is a factor. I’m not at all an expert in these matters, so I was wondering:

What do y’all think? What are the pros and cons of buying vs leasing?

It depends completely on your life situation and what you want/need out of a car.

1. Are you planning on driving it into the ground?
2. Are you getting into a “Dream Car” situation?
3. Is overall price more important to you than your monthly payment?
4. Are you generally pretty rough on cars?

Then buying might be your best option. But….

1. Is getting that monthly payment super low most important to you?
2. Do you like getting a new car every few years?
3. Are you unsure of what car fits your life?
4. Is a car just a car to you? Do you not build bonds with the cars you drive?

Then leasing might be a good option for you.

Also, different dealerships and auto makers have different incentives for leasing and buying. Lower APR (Annual Percentage Rates) on the loans. More cash back. All kinds of stuff.

Some car companies (like Honda) have better leasing programs than others. So do your homework and figure out your lifestyle as it relates to cars before you dive into either purchasing or leasing.



embeebe asked:

Why does your "company" seem to have so many names? Sometimes you call it Vlogbrothers Enterprises, sometimes it seems like DFTBA Records is the over arching umbrella. John posted an editing position the other day that said it was working for EcoGeek, but I'm pretty sure it was crash course related. Could you explain or make a flow chart explaining the hierarchy of all your business/names. I think that'd be neat. Thanks!



OK…this is surprisingly complicated…full explanation!

When EcoGeek (my environmental technology blog) started making enough money for it to be a business, I incorporated it into an LLC* called “EcoGeek LLC.” Then, when YouTube told us that it was possible for Vlogbothers to start serving advertisements, we just linked it with EcoGeek’s Adsense account thus, by default, making it part of that company. 

So Vlogbrothers has always been “owned” by EcoGeek LLC which was, in turn, owned by me. Eventually, as Vlogbrothers grew to be much bigger than EcoGeek, I just gave John half of that company and it became the joint venture of Hank and John.

However, we’ve also started several other LLCs, including DFTBA Records, Subbable, and VidCon. Those are different entities because they’re pretty different things and also because they have different ownership structures (John was not initially an owner of DFTBA Records (though he is now) and I own more of VidCon than John does.)

EcoGeek LLC remains the thing that “owns” Vlogbrothers, SciShow, Crash Course, and The Art Assignment. The deals we have with partners for Mental Floss, How to Adult, The Brain Scoop, Sexplanations, and Health Care Triage are also between those partners and “EcoGeek.”

But I don’t really think of it this way…I think of all of our companies as projects of Vlogbrothers…or even maybe projects of Nerdfighteria. It’s like our production arm (EcoGeek) our events arm (VidCon) our fundraising arm (Subbable) our merch arm (DFTBA) and our philanthropy arm (The Foundation to Decrease WorldSuck) are all branches off the same tree.

Legally we can’t do this (for a number of reasons). So when we have someone who usually works for VidCon doing work for Subbable, we actually have to draw up a contract between VidCon and Subbable so that Subbable pays VidCon for the time that employee spends working on Subbable. It’s weird.

But when we hire people, we want them to feel like all of these companies are part of a greater thing (though we have to be clear that, legally, if you do work for one of the companies, we need to know so that we can have that company pay for it.) And it doesn’t really make sense for that greater thing to be called “EcoGeek” because that name is literally just there because I didn’t want to do an hour of extra work setting up a different Adsense account in 2008. So I often call the whole shebang “Vlogbrothers Industries” in my head and…apparently…sometimes I do it out loud.

* LLCs are a way of having a legal entity that is not a human own things, which is mostly to make sure the company can then go bankrupt without the human being on the line for the debts of the company.

Very well explained. Even I didn’t know some of this. 

I was also told, as a videographer, to set up an LLC to protect myself against lawsuits, as someone would sue the company rather than the me. I never did set one up, but was about to before I was hired by EcoGeek :) 

When someone says “Maybe we should check the manual”


I’m like:





"i was just sitting here, enjoying this diet coke"


"then i noticed, it said ‘share a diet coke with mom’."


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